This is an art tableau on six tiles with the image of three oysters on them. The first shell is placed face down, so you see the colours of the shell - the next one is open, so you can see the oyster and the third one is closed again. Art by Sitgerwoods

Stigerwoods showcases the art of everyday things in great detail, captured on original wooden panels. All my work is handmade using photography, recycled wood and epoxy.


I am fascinated by the fine details and the patterns of seemingly random objects. Our everyday life has a certain charm and elegance that we often overlook. When you accentuate and blow-up such details you become aware of the hidden richness of colour, composition and patterns.. [Read more]

The process

Producing a strong image comes with trial and error and from pursuing the ordinary with great curiosity. Inspiration can come from everywhere but my go-to for finding new compositions are food markets. My current collections have been shot in Amsterdam, Bali and Barcelona.. [Read more]


Portugal collection

Finding inspiration for new work always works best when being in new environment. This summer I made a trip with the campervan through France to get to Portugal. My father has a .. [Read more]

Fish Collection

The success of Stigerwoods all started with one specific picture. I was at my friend Aico Lind’s photography studio (Studio-Aico), scrolling through his database of images. Suddenly, my eye was caught by a picture of.. [Read more]

Shellfish collection

The initial inspiration for Stigerwoods was pure and random luck. The Shellfish collection evolved from the Fish collection with the help of the sustainable fish wholesaler Jan van As. They are extremely passionate about.. [Read more]

Green Collection

While creating my first series of fish, my father said: “Why don’t you photograph a tomato?”. I laughed and replied; “tomatoes are boring”. But somehow his words stuck with me and I started to.. [Read more]


Up until this point I had only photographed European fish, which I found at markets and shops. While my girlfriend was surfing in Bali, she sent me a picture of an insane looking.. [Read more]

Dried flower collection

In 2018 I was privileged to exhibit and sell my work in the ‘Kunstmuseum’ in the Hague. At the time, the museum curated an exhibition of Art Nouveau in the Netherlands. The idea of dried flowers arose from combining Art Nouveau and a Japanese drawing style.. [Read more]

Skateboard collection

Since my teenage years I have been interested in and have been part of the world of skateboarding. I enjoy the culture, the fashion, the music and some of my friends work in this industry. The skateboard shop ‘Independent Outlet’ in Amsterdam became my main hangout. Mostly because of their unique hardcore/punk record collection which is a huge passion of mine.. [Read more]

Inspiration & Interiors