Fish & Shellfish Collection

The Fish & Shellfish collection are items I sourced from markets around the world and consist of my signature lobsters, other types of shellfish and various edible fish. 

“Stigerwoods is born”

The success of Stigerwoods all started with one specific picture. I was at my friend Aico Lind’s photography studio (Studio-Aico), scrolling through his database of images. Suddenly, my eye was caught by a picture of two smoked mackerels which he photographed as part of a study project. There was something about it and I sensed that it could be the perfect match for the type of art I create. 

I went back to my studio and got to work. While pouring the epoxy over the image, its fine details were highlighted in the most powerful way. The skin patterns and its colours were instantly magnified, and it almost felt as if I was holding a real fish. I was astonished by the impact of the art.  

This needed further exploration, which is why I then contacted Jan van As, a sustainable fish wholesaler in Amsterdam. I immediately pitched the idea to photograph their fish. They are extremely passionate about seafood and were able to provide us with the most beautiful fish, shellfish and lobster. The initial inspiration was pure and random luck. The rest is history – as they say.