Besides selling my work via my webshop I am selling in multiple retail stores;

    • Hutspot, van Woustraat 4, Amsterdam the Netherlands
    • Hutspot, Rozengracht 204-210, Amsterdam the Netherlands
    • Hutspot, Vinkenburgstraat 9, Utrecht the Netherlands
    • Hutspot, Karel Doormanstraat 317, Rotterdam the Netherlands
    • Hutspot, Nieuwe Emmasingel 44-46, Eindhoven the Netherlands
    • Marvin, Kinkerstraat 66, Amsterdam the Netherlands
    • The Maker Store, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39, Amsterdam the Netherlands
    • PLEK Conceptstore, Engestraat 15-17, Deventer the Netherlands
    • Binnenwerk, Grote kerkstraat 12, Leeuwarden the Netherlands
    • BLUR, Mooierplein 18, Amersfoort the Netherlands
    • Laif & Nuver, Vismarkt 40, Groningen the Netherlands
    • Rewind Design, Riemstraat 27, Antwerpen Belgium
    • De Beste Kamer, Overleiestraat 3, Kortrijk Belgium
    • Blaw store, Ronda de Sant Pere 50, Barcelona Spain

It is possible to have your own picture(s) transferred to wood. I can print on different kinds of wood, all sizes and shapes are possible. Please contact me at so we can discuss your wishes and all the possibilities.