Frequently Asked Questions


Can I visit your studio?

I create all artwork in my studio, but I tend to ship completed pieces either directly to my clients or to the shops which represent my work. This means that I usually do not have much stock available for viewing. Here you can find the addresses of the stores which stock my art. My workshop can only be visited by appointment during week days. Please send me an email or call me if you wish to stop by.


Are the tiles joint together?

Yes, they are. All tiles are glued together to create one art piece.

How do you hang the art?

There are two holes on the back of each wood panel. These can be used to mount the piece on the wall using two screws.

Is every piece the same?

No, every piece of art is different because each piece of wood I use is unique. After transferring the image onto a wood panel, the colours you see may slightly deviate from what you see in the web shop. They are all very similar but made to be unique with much attention and love. If you do not like your selected piece, we will find an alternative that suits your wishes.

I see cracks and stains, is that part of the work?

Yes, it is. Knots, cracks, veins and yellow staining from the wood can still be visible – this is exactly what makes my art unique. The imperfections give it its authentic character. The epoxy layer should not be damaged and only little hairbrush or tiny pieces of dust could be visible.

Is it heavy?

No, not at all. The base of the artwork is wood, even though it looks like heavy ceramic or stone, it is not heavy.

Would it be possible to use my own picture on a Stigerwoods?

It all depends on the type of picture and its quality. Please send me an email and we can discuss.

I prefer a different size, is that possible?

Yes, this can be arranged if the image quality and proportions allow for a different size.

How can I clean the tiles?

You can clean the artwork by wiping it with a soft piece of cloth.


Is it possible to hang the artwork in the bathroom, above the stove or even outside?

My work is made from wood and epoxy – which can make it sensitive to high and changing temperatures, as well as moisture. I can’t guarantee that the above-mentioned conditions will not affect the work, so it is at your own risk.

Does the epoxy or colours of the image ever change?

It is important to know that epoxy reacts to light. Even though I use the highest quality of epoxy with a UV filter is it possible that over time, the work may develop a subtle warmth in color. While this process is hardly noticeable, and takes years, it is inevitable due to components of the material. The changes in color are more likely to occur if the piece is exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore I advise to keep the work away from (direct) light to slow down the process. Without epoxy I would not be able to create my work, and I believe that the constant changes are part of the imperfect/dynamic life of a Stigerwood.


Can I swap or return my order?

Yes, if you are not happy with the result or if you prefer a different image just let me know and we will discuss your wishes. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.

Is it possible to view the artwork before I place an order?

Yes, simply tell me what image you would like to see, and I will check if I have it in stock or if it is displayed in any of the shops I partner with.



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