My name is Martijn Smulders, I am an Amsterdam-based artist and founder of StigerWoods.


During my world trip in 2011, the idea for StigerWoods first came up while I stayed in a Bangkok hostel where all kinds of hand-made products were sold. A small wooden panel with a hand-printed photo on it directly caught my eye, because of its simplicity and beauty. I took a photo of it, not knowing that this little piece of art would change my near future.

 Back in Holland, where I worked in a skateboardshop, I started experimenting on the side with various types of printing to achieve the same result as the photo I had seen in Bangkok. After a long search I finally discovered an old manual printing technique that I still use for every StigerWoods until today.


 I was happy  to finally be able to make use of both my creativity and my art school background (AKI Enschede & Sandberg Institute Amsterdam). Therefore, I decided to take my chance and work fulltime on StigerWoods in my own studio.


First, I started selling my work at the local Sunday Market in Westerpark Amsterdam, where I was overloaded with enthusiastic responses on my work. This enthusiasm inspired me to contact conceptstore Hutspot, that gave me the opportunity to sell my work through their store. This is when the StigerWoods-adventure really kicked off for me.




To make a StigerWoods piece I manually transfer photos to recycled pine wood by using an old hobby technique. In some parts of the photo scratches could appear caused by the ink of the transfer not sticking to the wood. The knots, cracks and veins of the wood remain visible which give the work an authentic and rough character. Because the wood is sawn by hand no piece is straight or the same. All these imperfections play an important role in my work.


The surface of each wooden photo is finished off with a high gloss epoxy coating to create the effect of old ceramic tiles. The tiles are all glued together so it is a whole.


The combination of this shiny surface, simple strong images and a raw material creates an unique and lively art product.

Most of the photos I develop in collaboration with my friend and photographer Studio Aico


 Martijn Smulders 2018