Green Collection

 The greens collection are items I found at local markets and consist of edible goods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and cacti.  

“Tomatoes are boring, right?”

While creating my first series of fish, my father said: “Why don’t you photograph a tomato?”. I laughed and replied; “tomatoes are boring”. But somehow his words stuck with me and I started to conceptualise a vegetable element in my art. Together with my friend, Aico Lind, I visited a wholesale supermarket called ‘de Kweker,’ and bought various vegetables and herbs.  

Well, you should know – tomatoes are anything but boring. It is crazy how mundane objects can hold such beauty in their pure simplicity. This experience marked the start of my experimentation with herbs, fruits and vegetables. The Greens Collection is a display of charm and elegance, offering details one normally does not pay attention to, and which are given an opportunity to shine.