Skateboard Collection

The Skateboard Collection is made up of recycled skateboard decks and stained glass from cathedrals in Europe. This collection evolved over time combining images from my other collections. 


Since my teenage years I have been interested in and have been part of the world of skateboarding. I enjoy the culture, the fashion, the music and some of my friends work in this industry. The skateboard shop ‘Independent Outlet’ in Amsterdam became my main hangout. Mostly because of their unique hardcore/punk record collection which is a huge passion of mine.

Years later the owners, who had meanwhile become friends, asked me to manage their new store ‘Arrival/Departure’ in Amsterdam East. I did not hesitate for one second and ended up working in their store for seven years.

We sold many skateboards, and some customers would leave their old decks behind. The idea to recycle these boards and use them for my art took shape. Many attempts followed to find my own artistic direction while using the previously owned decks. The combination of rugged skateboards and stained-glass windows, known for their vulnerability, created a powerful mix.