Bali Collection

The Bali collection consists of items I discovered while perusing the local Balinese markets and streets – the collection consists of fish, shellfish and leaves.  

“Check out this lobster!”

Up until this point I had only photographed European fish, which I found at markets and shops. While my girlfriend was surfing in Bali, she sent me a picture of an insane looking lobster. It had such depth of colours and interesting patterns.  I instantly knew I had to go and see it for myself. 

The very next day I organised my trip and three days later I was on the scene. We rented photography gear, a kitchen to shoot from, and a place to stay. I knew they sold this type of lobster at the Jimbaran fish market, but had no clue about the vastness of fish varieties I would be able to find there. I have never in my life seen so many new sea species with the most elaborate colours, shapes and patterns. The locals were excited to help me find the most suitable fish, and I left the market with a huge box full of fish on ice. 

The whole series was shot using a simple photo set-up and has resulted in the highly colourful Bali Collection.